I won’t bore you with the details of my biography. I would just like to tell you why I decided to become a freelance translator/interpreter despite being an Economist and parted my ways with the office life I had for five years (I have worked in Georgia and Romania in public, private and non-governmental sectors).
Why? Just because I am interested in various subjects and one office job could never encompass all of them. First of all, I love writing and translating, because it’s an art that brings life to a short story, film, book or just an information in another language. To me, it’s a pleasurable process to see that one single text causes the same emotion in two or more different languages and provides the reader or the listener with the same, reliable information.
I believe that the world lacks clear and understandable information on which people can rely. So, in August 2017 I became a freelance translator/interpreter and my childhood dream came true: to work in all those fields that I am so interested in and cannot give up any of them: Linguistics, Cinematography, Fiction, Economics (especially renewable energy sources), traveling and psychology. I work on the following projects:
  • Translating books;
  • Translating movie scripts and subtitles;
  • Consecutive interpretation at a film festival for Q&A sessions and the closing ceremony;
  • Translating Economics-related official documents and/or reports;
  • Interpreting meetings and conferences (simultaneous and consecutive interpretation);
  • Interpreting a full training course;
Many more to come…
Just write to me and I will bring life to your text in another language!
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